Brand Promise


TEXSTRETCH, is the corporate customer-centric, extendable prize-winning brand platform where we patronage our supportive concept generating loyal customers for years to come. The epithet …. Becoming you…. is not merely the tagline but a firm pledge of worth and distinct value.

This demands strictest concern for the end-user customer while supporting our B2B affiliates to reach the former with ease. Fulfilling the brand promise is also a daunting task where many a brand holder would go astray. The uniqueness in the corporate approach of TEXSTRETCH portfolio is heavily backed up by technology.
Often, we had simple answers to even complex issues. The information surrounding our products has been augmented enabling end customers to assimilate subject knowledge early and enhance his knowledge. This eventually facilitated customers for proper product-use either through digital or physical demonstration. Our processes are subjected to continual process development and are subject to constant management vigilance.


This product of beauty adorns the brand tree of Textrip as one which represents the yesteryear branding prodigy. This continues to defy the life span concept by standing tall even to date.

As a household brand for over several decades, this product is made with genuine latex drawn from the Sri Lankan plantations. Those convalescing, needing to be in bed for a prolonged period, kiddies needing extra protection, ease and comfort necessarily require quality of product, find the product promising and prompt customer re-ordering.

The promised life’s span, suitability for intended use, and elegance of appearance and feel of the product provides itself the protective sustenance. As a traveller ‘companion, mother’s choice, choice of medical world keeps the product at a height un-assailable by the competitor. This product is under Textrip brand and occupies a pride of place.

Mother’s Darling

It is not easy to become a mother’s darling as the saying goes unless one is deserved to be so. It then naturally carries a recipe; In that product meets all the brand promises in full that is exactly the case with this prodigy. Decades of domestic use embedded into the cultural mores of the ‘Island Nation’ the product is to wrap up a bundle of joy of mothers and it is they who join in unison to proclaim the cot sheet is as good as their ‘bundle of joy’, so the tag line reveals ‘Mother’s Darling’. On the other side the cot sheet radiating lingering warmth of one’s mother and substituting mother makes the infant to have ‘cosy nap in the cot sheet’, a prompt for mothers to openly say its Mother’s Darling.

Nay, it is not a packing material!!!


OEM Brands

OEM is the role carried forward as the main strategic move as the demands generated from this segment is significantly very high. And loyalty expressed by our main stakeholder/buyer in Stretchwell Inc., USA and others around the globe are exceptional. Inevitably, this would be an appendage to the success story. Behind this, innovative technology plays a major role.

The product proliferation, subjecting whole processes to two world best ISO quality standards (i.e., ISO-9001:2015 and ISO-14001:2015) and international social audits (i.e., SMETA) naturally take the corporate to the Zenith, OEM seekers have unstinted trust in the corporate for delivery. It is a task we take pride in saluting to our stakeholders. This is besides positioning of the corporate own brand TEXSTRETCH.