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Rubber Interlocking Pavers

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Staying on rubber granulated interlocking pavers is pleasant, since they insulate against sound, heat and cold. The surface is all-year usable, no matter what the weather is. Rainwater seeps through micro canals in the paver to the subfloor, where it drains away. Fine dirt and everyday contamination are thus washed away. Textrip Rubber Interlocking Pavers are completely weatherproof and frost resistant. They are 100% recyclable, so it is environmentally friendly and has no effect on health and the surrounded environment. They provide fall protection and protect joints, therefore suitable as an optimal flooring product for both Children and Seniors.

With decorative style, Textrip Rubber Pavers can be customized with different Colours, Sizes and Shapes based on the buyer’s demand. These pavers interlock with each other, which is considered as one key feature, as it increases the stability, reduces the movement of the tiles and no need for heavy adhesive. 

Textrip Rubber Interlocking Pavers are made of natural rubber and inorganic fillers to offer the quality and the durability.


  • Shock-absorbing.
  • Alike cement pavers visually.
  • Waterproof and drainage resistant.
  • Anti-vibrant.
  • Safe and anti-slippery.
  • Sound absorbing.
  • Easy installation.
  • Fire-resistant.


  • Indoor fitness areas.
  • Recreational and swimming pool areas.
  • Theme parks.
  • Terrace and patio areas.
  • Garden and greenhouse aisles.
  • Playgrounds.


  • Standard size : 160 mm x 200 mm x 40 mm
  • Max load : 20MT (F.S.=2.0)
  • Crushing strength : 15 MPa
  • Hardness : 72.2 IRHD
  • Abrasion Volume Loss : 474 cmm
  • Materials : Natural rubber and inorganic fillers

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