It is of interest to a discerning history seeker to find the evolution of the historical landscape of the Island; premier economic sector and compare and contrast it with what is prevalent now. This trek will undoubtedly trace those glorious days and the current economy with cutting-edge cost economic factors in cross-border trade. Our perennial source of latex comes from carefully nurtured rubber estates then managed by the ‘Agency Houses from UK’, which are now being handled locally.

Following the ‘Land Reform Laws’ 22 RPCs took over the plantation management, but with trade and practices followed hitherto, as learnt under the Britishers. How foreign rule managed the estates are reproduced in management parlours as success stories except degraded facilities and dignity of the worker population. Productivity vis-vis violation of the human rights and labour laws are worthy studies to set right those wrongs with required inputs.

However, an important aspect cannot be understated for elegance and beauty of the existing road infrastructure. Railway, and exports-import logistics are gaining high reckoning by those finding history is worthy study to pursue with.

Here comes the latex for our industry; they are used locally, value-added, ethically handled workforce working their way through to get the final product across the cross-border transactions.  Life is not for wasting. There is no gainsaid in accepting life is just wasted but life well driven to achieve the goals of the economy and keep the economy throbbing to meet the human demand is what matters now.

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