The narrative rib of Elasto rising into international business-firmament is much looked forward to by business world here and elsewhere in the globe. For a discerning reader Elasto House is firmly held in its second generation in the able hands of its amiable Managing Director, Mangala Gunasekera who is acclaimed by the world business community in his dual role of technocrat and philanthropist, besides his core role as CSR pusher and innovator.

Textrip (Pvt) Ltd., parented by Elasto Group foretells the narrative with its tacit knowledge and proper use of ‘Wellness Wisdom’ to bring world populace to what they need in life and also support achieve life goals and objectives.

Role model of Textrip through its vociferous and eye-catching brand ‘TEXSTRETCH’ translated into a grandeur portfolio garland with embracing segments of Sports-Science, Exercise-Science, Physical Culture, Beautification, Physiotherapy & Rehabs and also Health & Wellness.

Led by Progressive Resistance Bands (including over 50 varieties for many a Sport such as Athletics, Soccer, Cricket, Karate, Rowing), Mackintosh sheets, Baby Cot sheets, Beauty Culture products, Latex Coated Fabrics, Interlocking Pavers, with several others in the row.

We do not preempt competitors instead we utilize the efforts for improving the quality and usability of the products further.


The over-arching leadership has proved right consistently, with total faith in his corporate processes and the men behind them and above all the right strategic direction to raise the Textrip to an apex prize winning corporate well above its peers to guide the world populace to follow life-worthy philosophy which is not far away from what was in vogue 17th century.

Textrip remains as premier OEM manufacturer in terms of its vison and mission and prospecting niches in the segments relating to Sports Science, Exercise Science, Nutrition, Bio Mechanics, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Beauty Culture and also Health with particular reference to immunity build up; a the focal point of greater interest in present context.

The corporate culture inculcated by the corporate leader/ mentor has seen to the delivery of a world class products backed by quality standards in its cross-border transactions simultaneously contributing to the Government coffer and also pioneering CSR front with sports and related activities.



Elasto Group established at Bentota, Sri Lanka in 1947 by the visionary leader Engineer Late Donald Gunasekera and Late Wilson Gunasekera traces itself to a humble beginning.

In its evolution, Textrip embraces ‘Wellness Wisdom’ and supports inter-alia, physical prowess, sporting skills, biomechanics besides physio-therapeutic values etc. to reach well-worthy life station; ‘Becoming you’.

Therefore it is no coincidence to link with Roman poet Juvenal with his still famous ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ meaning ‘Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’ which provided foundation to said corporate ‘Wellness Wisdom’ which is the pursued message in interacting with the globe.


Textrip, established in 1978, represents the evolving face of the Company, harnessing creativity, ingenuity and a passionate commitment to our customers and nation. Today, we serve top international brands with a unique range of products that offer the best in durability and comfort.

We are a highly experienced OEM, enabling us to provide consulting and support to our customers, while supplying world-class products. We work closely with all our stakeholders to offer exceptional solutions to improve the quality of life of all human beings. We have won many accolades on our long journey, in recognition of our commitment to high quality and innovation.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To be the preferred Original Equipment Manufacturer of polymer-based products for the world’s leading brands and retailers.

Our Mission

To satisfy customer needs for high quality natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and plastics products by innovating, designing, and manufacturing. To continually generate higher returns on capital for our shareholders while providing excellent working conditions and recognition to our employees and a better environment and social welfare for the society we operate in. To continually provide opportunities for our staff, suppliers, and distributors to grow and prosper with us.

Our Values

Physical Values

Maximum Utilisation of Resources
The desire and ability of the company to improve its performance by full and/or most appropriate utilization of its current resources as deemed applicable in the short – and long-term perspectives.

Quality of Products and Services
In terms of presentation, functionality, choice, value, speed, timeliness, suitability, reliability, lifespan, repeatability, courtesy, friendliness, etc.

The way system or persons consistently produce the same results, preferably meeting or exceeding its speci¬fications, dependability, etc.

Psychological Values

In terms of new products, new ideas, new systems, new production methods, new applications of technology, new methods of financing, and new marketing strategies.

Develop People
The desire and ability of the company to improve the lot of its employees, including, ultimately, their personal growth.

Keeping to one’s word, promises, agreements, being truthful, non-deceitful etc. with employees, customers, vendors, government, etc.

Respect for the Individual
In establishing rules and policies, design of systems, making decisions, executing instructions, and so on in terms of people’s health, safety, self-esteem, feelings, and opinions.

Organizational Values

Cooperation (Teamwork)
Among individuals, departments, divisions, branches, and so on.

Of individuals, departments and divisions for performance, results, problems, and so on.

Up, down, and sideways within the company, with customers and vendors, in terms of openness, frankness, clarity, frequency, accuracy, timeliness, and brevity.

Mangala Gunasekera
Managing Director


This comes at a time now known as ‘New Normal’ which is seen as carrying many a shocks bundled up and business leaders are compelled to work with greater responsibility than ever before for the sake of one’s own country’s economy and that of international community and also deal with multinationals.

So, I fervently trust it is apt to say to a larger public that we act with responsibility, accountability, and integrity. In brief, I stress upon my thrust on this Corporate with good governance, guided by international standards.

In the current impasse of COVID-19 pandemic and the World body politics are having direct and indirect influences on every conceivable industry barring few all possible health and sanitary aspects are increasing being addressed at present.

My guidelines to my employees is to work all processes with due responsibility in accordance with quality aspects having regards to quality, environment aspects and above all human components which are all audited under three international standards i.e. ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SMETA.

Our core subject products are all centered around ‘Wellness Wisdom’ and I trust we are playing a pivotal role in cross border transactions and multinational networking. For this, Corporate is regularly striving for innovation and improving productivity and above all development of human capital as seekers of sustainable existence. So finally assuring our valid customers safe and surer lifestyle I urge my employees to work with utmost responsibility towards our valued customers, fellow employees, neighborhood and above all the sustainability of the Corporate.